National Conference On Advances In Engineering And Applied Sciences

Vision and Mission

It can be said that the history of mankind is the history of engineering. The engineering mind that was supposed to function in natural environments actually have created environments that it cannot function well, thus making it more difficult to do engineering with proper motivations and producing solutions that can address more sustainable benefits rather than short-term gains. Our 3rd national conference on engineering and applied science, involving practicing teachers, researchers, and policy maker among other stack holders, introduces an urge to understand this problem. We hope the learning urges and social urges in our engineering minds could be revitalized, while the objectives and engineering solutions could also be realigned to help yielding sustainable benefits. As a result, it may help us to escape from this vicious cycle. This conference aims at knowledge sharing among Academicians, Researchers and Experts from related industries on a common forum, for exploration on Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Engineering and Science for better Engineering solutions. This conference will act as a platform for researchers to present their research findings and outcomes. Also, would help mutual understandings and play more important and valuable roles in due course to disseminate knowledge and to promote the high quality research.

Plagiarism Alert

Authors are responsible regarding plagiarism issue if any, so they must take care that their research papers or articles are free from plagiarism. All papers submitted to the Conference will go through plagiarism check.

About Journal

PRINT ISSN     :  2349-5162


PUBLISHER  :  IJ Publication

JETIR (International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, An International Open Access Journal) explores advances in research pertaining to applied, theoretical and experimental Technological studies. The goal of JETIR is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, students, and practitioners working in and around the world

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